4 Tips To Promoting Your Wedding Brand On Social Media

The wedding industry and social media go hand-in-hand. As perhaps the best place for couples to research and brands to promote, the amount of engagement that can be done on social is endless. And if your wedding company is looking to gain more traction with its following, then I’ve provided a few helpful tips on how you can get started. Check them out below:

Create A Captivating Brand

If your wedding brand is going to be capitalizing on social media, then it needs to be something that people want to get social about. As this is an industry that’s heavily visually based, you’re going to have to hold those resources in high regard, being able to produce captivating content on a consistent basis.

Not only does this bring customers in, but it also builds trust with them over time, and capturing that authenticity can be one of the most crucial steps. As noted in a survey by Bop Design, 80 percent of consumers state that “authenticity of content is the most influential factor in their decision to follow a brand.” And if you’re looking to capture an audience with your wedding company, then this needs to be your first step.

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First and foremost, get some outside opinion on how your wedding brand looks, including if there’s anything that might need improvement with it. Although it sometimes sucks to hear, it’s also necessary, as improvements to your brand are always a worthwhile investment. Try to have something that encapsulates what you stand for, including what type of weddings you’re going to offer people.

For some motivation at first, it might not be a bad idea to look at what other companies are up to, for example, the vape brand Juul utilizes thin texts and bold colors to highlight their bold flavors. Look out for strategies like that when developing your brand, as this is what people will associate the most closely with your product.

Know Where Your Audience Is

After you’ve established your branding elements, it’s time to start diving into where your audience lies. As social media is a primary place for the wedding industry to thrive, the noteworthy aspect here is to study specifically where your brand can make an impact. For example, according to Social Media Today, approximately 40 million newlyweds use Pinterest to plan their weddings; and if you want a piece of that action, then it’s imperative to do some research on where your brand fits in.

Take a look at the current landscape for the wedding industry in your area, as well as where your business is different. As your social strategy can vary depending on if your competition is regional or national, make your best effort to start small and work your way toward a more sophisticated targeting plan. Granted, this might take some trial and error; however, the benefit is having a social strategy that will generate a significant referral program over time.

Know How To Utilize Each Platform

Another important aspect of social media is how you’re going to utilize each platform to maximize growth. For example, as noted by Sprout Social, Instagram posts with at least one hashtag receive 12.6 percent higher engagement; knowing little things like this can maximize the outreach of your campaigns. Start studying up on not just research, but how other brands outside of the wedding industry perform.

An excellent example of this would be if you had a video lookbook that you wanted to promote. By studying something like the independent film People You May Know and how they promoted their trailer on social, you can apply those same principles to your wedding company. All-in-all, the platforms you use should be focused on engagement, as the name of the game is making the most out of the relationship with your audience.

Utilize A Variety Of Approaches

Finally, once you’ve mastered where audience lives, it’s now time to work on your social media mix. This includes using a variety of strategies, from social proof to product shots, which all have different variations of usefulness. For example, as noted by OptinMonster, 70 percent of customers look at reviews before buying a product, which shows how much these are something people look out for. First, you need to see what type of content you can produce consistently.

Depending on if you’re a product or service, you’re going to need to have a consistent way you showcase what you do to your customers. For example, the dress company Azazie shows their custom bridal gown worn by their real customers, bringing in both an aesthetic of weddings while simultaneously evoking social proof. Try and see what type of social rubric like that you can land consistently, as this is one strategy that will have you growing an audience in no time.

What are you most excited about in promoting on social? Comment with your answers below!

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