5 Hearty Camping Meals For Winter Roadtrips

When you’re on the road in winter there are a number of meals that will warm you up, fill you up, and give you the energy you need to keep driving and experience all the sights and activities on your schedule. These meals are hearty and simple to make, and they only require bringing minimal ingredients along on the road. With these meals you will have a far more satisfactory RV rental winter trip while not going broke or loading yourself down with excess supplies in the process. So the next time you take to the open roadways in the winter months make sure to keep these meals in mind.

Beans & Rice

There is a reason campers from the Old West until present have turned to rice and beans on the road. First of all it is simple. All you need is a pot, a fire or stove, a bag of rice and a can of beans. Just bring it to a boil, let it cool, put it on a plate and enjoy. This meal is incredibly filling and will give you the energy boost you need to keep going while on a busy winter trip. It is also delicious, so make sure to pack enough rice and beans to make it multiple times on your trip.

Tomato Soup & Grilled Cheese

This is a winter camping classic. There is really nothing like a hot bowl of tomato soup after a long day of winter travel, and when you throw in a nice grilled cheese sandwich you have yourself the perfect filling lunch or dinner that will give you energy and keep you warm and ready for all the driving and activities you have on your agenda. Just like with beans and rice, this is a very simple dish to prepare. With canned tomato soup all you have to do is warm it up over a fire or hot stove. For the grilled cheese, get yourself a hot plate, throw some bread slices on, cover in cheese, and take off when the cheese is melted and the bread is slightly crispy. It takes just minutes, and the results are delicious every time.

Scrambled Eggs

Scrambled eggs are very easy to make and are packed with important protein that you need for energy and strength while on a road trip. If your RV rental has a refrigerator, then make sure to bring a dozen or so eggs on the trip. These are the perfect breakfast since they carry the proteins you need and can be prepared in just minutes. Just crack a few eggs on a heated pan and dice them up with a spatula until they get their distinctive, solid yellow look. For added pleasure make some toast to go with them, add ketchup for flavor, or mix in some tomatoes or mushrooms. There are many different ways to spruce up scrambled eggs, and when it comes to winter travel these are an absolutely essential breakfast.

Tuna Fish Sandwich

Although it may not be as hot as other meals on this list, it sure is filling and simple. This meal will also provide you a much needed energy boost when traveling the roadways in the winter months. One of the great aspects to this dish is the simplicity of the preparation. All you need to do is pack a few tins of good tuna fish amongst your supplies and a loaf of bread. Whenever you want this meal, just toast up some bread and add the tuna fish right from the tin. For extra flavor you can stir in some mayonnaise as well. This will give you a great tasting tuna sandwich that will fill you up and give you some much needed energy. For an added touch heat up some of your tomato soup and have it along with the sandwich, which will add the needed element of warmth and make for the perfect winter nourishment.

Mac & Cheese

This has long been a winter staple for campers. There is really nothing like a steaming hot bowl of mac and cheese after a long day on the road in the wintertime. The great thing about this meal is that it can be made simply. All you need is to pack a few boxes of instant mac and cheese, which won’t take up a lot of room amongst your supplies. Within minutes on any given evening, you will have yourself a great hot meal to keep you warm and nourish you.

Making up a nice hot meal while on a winter road trip doesn’t have to be a big ordeal. All you have to do is pack some of these simple supplies in your RV rental and you will be able to whip up a nourishing and warm meal in minutes.

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