A disease that can lead to memory loss

Alzheimer is a disease which can’t be cured, and it leads to the loss of memory.

Everybody wants to live a good happier and healthy life. Nobody wants to be unhealthy. You can earn the wealth, or you can’t be wealthy but being healthy is in your hand.  But sometimes it’s not because there are many diseases out in the world which are curable but at the same time, there are some that do not have any treatment or cure. The disease which is incurable is Alzheimer.  According to the many research conducted on the disease Alzheimer, it’s known that this disease is incurable and its impact always increases with the passing time. In this disorder, the person started losing their memory.

Learn about Alzheimer basics

When we learn about Alzheimer’s disease, and then we will also see the term dementia which is one of the most common causes of Alzheimer’s disease. These diseases do not only cause memory loss but they are also responsible for many others is serious cognitive abilities that can interfere in daily human life and cause problems.

When we talk about the sexual life of a person then if there is any kind of health related issues then they can be cured by proper consultation or diagnose. People also take a common medication like Viagra. But for some of the serious diseases like Alzheimer’s disease, it is very much important to get proper diagnose.

As per the facts when we look at the percentage, then there are 70% to 80% of people who face dementia because of Alzheimer disease.

Not a normal part of ageing

The people who are aged and face the problem of memory loss sometimes a family members think that the problem of memory loss may be part of ageing but it is not. Yes obviously it is very much of this and that the increasing age of a person can be a risk because the percentage of people who are mostly suffering from the Alzheimer’s disease is above 65 years.


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