A Short Guide to Choosing the Right Window Fitter

You have decided to put in new windows and have made the necessary purchases, but who are you going to hire for installation? Window installation is no piece of cake and it needs to be done precisely to ensure the windows are serving their purpose. Therefore, when you have to choose a window fitter, you have to take some vital steps. What are they? Read on to find out:

  • Get some basic knowledge

First things first, before you start hunting window fitters, you need to acquire some basic knowledge on the subject. This can help you in understanding what the fitters are saying and they will not be able to confuse you with big words. You will also be in the position to work out if you have been offered reasonable quotes.

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  • Check their registration

The window trade in the UK is covered by a number of Competent Person Schemes and the two renowned ones are CERTASS and FENSA. Some others covering windows and doors are Stroma Certification and the Assure Scheme. It is recommended that you choose a window fitter who is registered with one of these schemes as they are aimed at raising the standards within this profession and only include windows specialists. This also provides you with some legal protection in case anything goes wrong.

  • Opt for someone with experience

If you do a search in the market for a window fitter, there will be no shortage of options. However, it is best if you opt for someone who has some experience under their belt for the kind of work you want done such as http://newlineconstruction.co.uk/our-services/window-fitters/. For instance, if you are putting in double glazed windows, you want someone who has done it before because they are different than regular windows.

  • Ask them to give you a detailed quote

It is recommended that you get in touch with at least three window fitters and ask them to give you a quote for the work you want done. It is essential that you are able to compare like with like so you need to ensure that the quotes include all possible expenses such as materials, labor, the disposal of waste and the cost of hiring any scaffolding amongst others.

  • Never agree to an upfront payment

This is simply not done. If the window fitter is demanding that you make an upfront payment, it is better for you to look elsewhere. Only in the case of very large jobs, the installers ask for advance payment, but even that is only a percentage of the total amount and not the entire cost.

  • Ask about who will do the actual work

You might choose an installer based on their reputation, but will they do the task themselves? Sometimes, there are sub-contractors involved or some other members of the team might handle your job. Make sure you know who will be doing your work and if they will be able to do what you are after.

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