Brain and Nervous System: Foods to Support

The human body is very complex and the most complex part of it is the nervous system and important as well. But when it comes to taking care of the parts of the body then everyone gets conscious and starts doing accordingly but why we ignore brain and nervous system health. Daily exercise, meditation, yoga, and many more things can help in keeping our brain healthy. One thing you know that getting connected with nature and the fresh environment is also a good way to make the brain healthy and nervous system too.

Many of the people suffer from the mental health disorder and they not only spoil their own body but people who are connected with them get affected too. Medications are the helping hands when the situation gets out of limit like mental health issues that need the immediate care. But sometimes people are unaware of the mental health issues and they spend their life like that only. Canadian pharmacy is the online medical store that changed many people’s life by providing medicines of all kind at their doorsteps. Mental health is as important as other body parts health means to us.

Food that has a direct connection with our body actually works like the fuel that never fails the body part to distract from their function. But because of our hectic lifestyle and unhealthy eating habits, we slowly ruined our body. Here are some of the foods that support the brain and nervous system health and helps in making the quality of life. The brain being the important part of the body needs extra nutrients from the food.

Fish– As fishes are rich in fatty acids and our brain needs it. Our brain has the myelin sheath that contains the high level of fatty acids; people who are deficient of fatty acids must add fish in their diet to reduce the risk of damage to the nerves.

Dark Chocolate– Having anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidants properties dark chocolates helps in maintain the blood pressure and the blood flow that keeps the brain and nervous system healthy. Not all the chocolates in the market have flavonols and barely have any benefits. But chocolates with flavonols are very beneficial for the brain.

Green Leafy Vegetables– For synthesizing and circulating the neurotransmitters vitamin B is essential that are the chemicals of the brain are. These chemicals help in respiration, digestion, and heartbeat. Vitamin E and C are for the anti-aging for the nervous system, magnesium is for calming the nervous system. So, one should add green leafy vegetables to the daily diet to make the brain and nervous system healthy.

Almonds and Pumpkin Seeds– pumpkin seeds are rich in magnesium, zinc, iron, and copper on the other hand almonds are rich in omega-3 fatty acids. Both are very essential for brain and nervous system. Pumpkin seeds help in protecting the brain from free radicals.

Never ignore your brain and nervous system as they are the most important part of your body. Add these foods in your diet to keep them healthy and maintain a quality life.

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