Common Artificial Grass Mistakes To Avoid

Whether you think that fake grass is perfect for some areas of your yard of you’re already tired dealing with the mud and mess that comes with the real grass, synthetic grass will surely benefits you. Unfortunately, some homeowners commit mistakes along the way when deciding to install turf. Here are common artificial grass mistakes you need to avoid.

Choosing The Wrong Type

It’s important to note that there are several types of fake grass to choose from nowadays. When deciding which type to buy, you need to consider different factors such as your budget, your desired overall appearance and some maintenance tasks. Visit to have a look at the different types of fake grass.

Lack Of Thought And Planning

Another common artificial grass mistake to avoid is not planning it well enough. Regardless whether you have few basic DIY skills, fake turf installation needs serious thought and planning in order to get it right. To start off, get the accurate measurement of the space to get the exact amount of fake grass to purchase. Also, be sure that it will be laid in a space where you can actually use it the way you want to.

Not Buying Artificial Grass All At Once

It’s not actually a good idea for homeowners to buy fake grass a little bit at a time, instead of purchasing it all at once. Well, it could be a practical move, but there are some issues that come with it. For instance, you come back to the store only to find out that there is none left of the fake grass type you need. Albeit you find the same type, it could be of different batch, which can ruin the overall look.

Not Getting Good Drainage


You are probably aware that a fake grass has better drainage than the real thing. And this is one of the most fantastic things about having an artificial grass installed. However, to achieve this benefit, you need to get the installation done right. First, you need a good quality of artificial grass that offers great drainage. Next, get a base that enables the rain to drain away seamlessly.

Getting An Uneven Bumpy Surface

Try to imagine having a carpet that is uneven and bumpy at home. Well, you could feel the same way with an uneven synthetic lawn. To get a smooth looking surface, be sure to get the base done right at the start of the installation. If you are not confident about the job, then it’s best for you to hire a professional local turf installer in your area.

Another great thing here is that synthetic grass is not only for homes, but it can also be used for other purposes such as sports fields and schools. Get the best quality of artificial grass for schools in Sydney from Australian Synthetic Lawns and enjoy the utmost benefits that fake grass has to offer.

But oops, please avoid the above mentioned synthetic grass mistakes.

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