Did you know? There’s no Insurance against Household Pests

Who should you call once you discover that there are bark scorpions your home or termites have been gnawing through your attic and you may need a new roof soon? Do you call your insurance agent?

Generally, pest infestations are associated with property damage, and insurers consider the damage a maintenance issue. That simply means your insurer believes that you could have prevented the issue by exterminating the termites and other bugs before they chewed through your attic and caused structural damage to your home. So, it is you, the property owner, to pay for the pest extermination services and necessary repairs. Not the insurance company.

The growing exclusion list

Termites may have company when it comes to coverage or lack thereof. Besides, damage associated with rats, birds, bats, and other vermin is not included in your homeowner insurance cover. Thus, the list of exclusion in homeowners’ insurance policy is getting longer each day.

According to financial experts, insurers are becoming very strict about what is not covered and continue to exclude different types of pest damage. The policies continue to get very specific and serve a clear notice to homeowners that the insurance companies are not going to cover it.

What should you do?

Most property owners are surprised that different types of pest damage are not included in the homeowners’ insurance policy. Therefore, the property owner must handle the extermination of these creepy-crawlies. Here are the top five tips to help you lessen the financial bite associated with pest infestation.

Carefully read your homeowners’ policy: This isn’t pool-side reading. You should focus on understanding all the details of their insurance cover. These individuals are likely to be better prepared and will always be less likely to get caught unawares. It is also recommended to ask questions about the aspects of the policy that you don’t understand. Remember, what seems like the real deal on homeowner’s insurance policy may turn out to be a cover that doesn’t cover anything.

Get to know the pests that pose the biggest threat: It is wise to know the specific pests that you need to get prepared for. For instance, people who own properties in Montana should worry less about termites as these bugs don’t thrive in dry areas. But if you live in Maryland, termites are likely to be a real problem.

Get your property inspected: Many mortgage brokers and states require property inspections before you acquire a mortgage. The pest control company will carry out a thorough inspection and exterminate the current pests and offer you a warranty. The company will inspect your property again a year. These annual inspections can keep your property pest-free.

Wrap up

Most property owners battle with some form of pest infestation at one point. No matter the precautions you take, there is no absolute guarantee that pests will never invade your home. Therefore, it is always wise to get in touch with professional whenever you spot bugs or suspect there are bugs in your home.

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