Different wood like flooring tiles for commercial and domestic purpose

Whenever you are willing to give an elegant and aesthetic style to your house or building, you should choose wood like for flooring installation. This will give a harmonious feel to your surroundings and natural beauty to your floor. Nowadays, there are different alternatives by which you can give a wooden look to your floor in a very cost effective manner.

Few types of flooring that look like wood

Laminate wood flooring – it is the tile that looks like wood. It is one of the best alternatives for wood flooring for your both commercial and domestic workplace. Use of laminate wood flooring will cut down the cost of real wood and it will give natural wood like feel to you.

Laminate is considered as one of the most durable materials for flooring because it contains different protective layers. This protective layer keeps the quality of floor for a long period of time.

Engineered hardwood flooring – In this top layer of planks are made up of different layers of ply, which give wood like feel to the floor. The top layer of floor is very hard, which makes it very durable. It is the most expensive alternative for any wooden flooring and the cost of maintenance is very high.

Wood look porcelain tile – Porcelain tiles are given wood like look. These are the most infamous alternative for wood flooring. These tiles are poor thermal insulator which makes them very uncomfortable for indoor use. These tiles are mostly used in bathrooms and at other residential sittings.

Luxury vinyl tile – It is the most famous alternative for wood tiles. They have printed layer which looks like wood only, it uses latest form of technology for printing purpose. These tiles are widely used in commercial spaces because they are very comfortable underfoot. They have a very long life and they require minimum care, it is also considered as one of the best cost effective alternatives for wooden flooring.

Why you should go for wood like flooring?

There are different reasons that you should go for wood like flooring. They are considered to be waterproof and they have strong property of resistance against different chemicals. You can easily clean these woods like tiles and they are eco-friendly.

How you can find wood like flooring?

Nowadays, you will get a wide range of wood like flooring options over different websites. You can choose different wooden patterns and designs for your flooring tiles. You can also contact any local flooring service provider, who can provide a complete guide to wood like flooring.

How much it can cost you?

The installation cost is basically dependent upon the size of room. It can cost you $5 to $10 per square foot. Cost factor is also determined by the type of flooring service you choose, if you are going for complete service it will include first cleaning and repairing. After these steps installation process is done. This is considered as the most expensive type of flooring installation process.

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