Four things to include in your next bathroom renovation

David Pearce, a local builder in leamington spa gave us the 4 things to look for when considering your next bathroom renovation.

If your bathroom looks something close to an ancient bathroom design, it is about time you renovated the room to suit your needs. It is also a great move to raise the value of your home in case you plan on selling it later on. However, when it comes to renovating a bathroom, it’s not just about the fixture and appliances but you are allowed to spoil yourself with the best dual shower head and best bathroom you can design. You will have to change most pieces including the tub, shower stall and wall and floor tiles. After you have replaced all these there are four things that will set your bathroom apart from most.

Walk-in shower enclosure

Walk-in showers have recently become one of the most common bathroom trends in use today. This is because they are stylish and they provide a solution to both space and accessibility. Modern bathroom designs are using walk-in showers as a major highlight to the room. If you carry out some research on different designs for walk-in showers you are guaranteed to mark it as a must have. The main advantages to adding a walk-in shower is that one you will be able to design it in a way that you think provides the best overall outlook of the new bathroom plan. By using a glass enclosure, you can make a small room appear larger and it doesn’t occupy a lot of space.

Entertainment feature

One reason people renovate their bathrooms is to create a relaxing environment within their households. As a result the installation of a music system can be a great idea for creating a relaxing environment. For instance you can play soothing music when you take a bath in the tub enjoying a glass of wine. Another accessory you can add is a waterproof TV. A water proof TV is advantageous as it serves two purposes. When it is turned on it functions as a HDTV and when it is turned off the screen doubles as mirror. However, not all TV sets have this capability and hence it is advisable to inquire the specifications before you buy. The TV set can also be connect to you security system so that even while in the bathroom you can see who is at the door or gate. As a result a burglar can’t sneak into the house while you are in the bathroom without your knowledge.


A good bathroom renovation should also consider the ventilation and lighting of the room. Traditionally, the two purposes are served by a window on a wall. However, modern bathroom designs are emphasizing on the use of skylights. This is because they provide an elegant touch to the bathroom. A skylight is also a helpful tool in setting the color scheme of the room. This is because the translucent material used can be of a preferred color which illuminated the room during the day when hit by natural light. You may opt to place more than one skylight to get sufficient light. This will save you space on the walls for storage instead of windows.

Multiple shower heads

Instead of having the old wall or ceiling mounted shower heads, you should consider using something more different or combining shower head options. A must have shower head is a dismountable one because it is very convenient when washing children and pets. Shower heads with an array of water effects are also a great improvement as they will enhance your experience while in the shower as opposed to traditional ones. Or, if you looking for something spectacular, an LED fitted shower head is a great idea because it light up when taking a shower providing an elegant halo effect.

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