How to care sterling silver earring avoid turn green(Useful Tips)

There are plenty of metals that oxidize or react with your skin, which is what causes the skin discoloration. You might notice a ring around your finger if you were wearing asterling silver earring. It’s common for fashion jewelry to be made using the metal copper, and many have a plating of a different metal on top.  Turning your skin green isn’t harmful.

But How to care sterling silver earring avoid turn green?

1.Try and keep lotions, soap and other chemicals away from your skin. Remove sterling silver earrings prior to washing your ear, or applying hand cream. Also remove jewelry before bathing as well as swimming, especially if it’s in salt water.

2.The saying, “Prevention is the best medicine” applies to avoiding a green ear in silver.  If you can remember to take off your sterling silver ear when washing your ear, in the pools, cleaning, etc, tarnish should not be an issue. Avoiding these things will help prevent tarnish.

3.You may find applying a polymer coating to the inside of your jewelry to be helpful. It acts as a barrier between your skin and the metals. Clear nail polish might do the trick, depending on the person. Keep in mind that you’d have to reapply the coating once in a while, as it would wear off.

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