How to Have the Best Deli in Town

Since time immemorial, food has been stored in containers to preserve its nutrients or to transport it without exposing the contents to disease causing organisms. Food is also put in containers for storage purposes. When considering how to make your Deli the best in town, deli pots for left over containers are a must have.

Over time however, a wide range of containers made from a variety of materials have become available for use.

Usually, the containers are made from plastic, glass, metals and paper among others. The material used to make the containers is usually guided by the purposes of the storage.

Containers may be big or small, rigid or flexible and may even have chemicals for preservation purposes.

Choose container wisely

There are several types of factors that should be considered when choosing the appropriate container.

Types of container materials

Plastic is a common type of material used to make food containers, mostly chosen for airtight food storage. They make very effective containers for liquid and dry food. However, recycled plastic is not recommended since there is a risk of transmitting contaminants that might be dangerous to human health.

Paper also makes perfect containers and are commonly used to transport food. However, unlike plastic, they are good for recycling purposes because they are biodegradable.

Glass containers on the other hand are also effective since they do not transmit dangerous chemicals and can be reused over and over. Glass is usually used for making liquid containers. They are mostly transparent and thereby display the contents in the container. They come in various shapes and sizes and may be used for transporting or storing food. They are also best suited for refrigeration of food or even heating. They are also a preferred choice because they prevent odours.

Metal containers are also common, especially if the volume of food is humongous. They are tamper-proof and are mostly used for industrial purposes. Aluminium is very common because it is effective when the aroma and moisture have to be preserved. Stainless steel on the other hand is usually used for larger food processing. It is normally used for the storage of oils and liquids in food industries.

All in all, the various containers have varied advantages and disadvantages over each other.

Tamper proof containers are best for storing all food while reserving the contents. There are competitive products from thermoformed or moulded food containers for takeaway, deli or cafe purposes. One fantastic product are the Deli Pots, which is a range of thin wall, disposable pots in clear plastic with sizes varying from 125 to 500ml containers.

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