Jennifer Lawrence and Adam Sandler are Comfortable and Candid at Goya Studios

Jennifer Lawrence and Adam Sandler may seem like an unlikely pair but they actually have quite a bit in common according to their recent interview together in the Variety series Actors on Actors at Goya Studios. Sandler and Lawrence disgusted a plethora of subjects and, of course, their latest works; The Meyerowitz Stories and Mother!, respectively. The two actors joked about serious things and were serious about funny things as they shared their quiet, straight-faced, goofy, dark humor.

On Reviews and Criticism

The two giggled like old friends as they interviewed each other on the cozy yet sophisticated sound stage. Sandler began by asking Lawrence if she reads reviews of her movies. Lawrence smirked as she admitted to only reading the good reviews. The young actress eloquently explained how reading negative reviews would negatively impact her character; and by character, I mean Jennifer Lawrence, the actresses’ character. Lawrence explained in a very matter-of-fact and mature way that after she puts in the time, work and effort from start to finish; it is out of her hands.

Although, the actress may be able to avoid reading negative reviews; she cannot avoid hearing about them, especially from her Director boyfriend. Lawrence describes being exhausted after shooting and how her boyfriend would read reviews to her until she told him how unhealthy it was for her. Lawrence claims that negative reviews, especially with Mother! Make her feel defensive. She has no desire to defend the movie in an interview because there is nothing to defend; the movie is what it is supposed to be. Lawrence also describes being particularly defensive over the work of her boyfriend. “…thats my man..” as she put it.

Sandler, on the other hand, describes reading bad reviews for his movie, Billy Madison, between Lawrence and he breaking out in impersonations of the movies’ characters. The two seemed to awkwardly tear through the semi-serious atmosphere on the sound stage with giggles galore as they comfortably bantered.

Sandler recalled reading the bad reviews for Billy Madison, a fan favorite, and not understanding at all. He describes thinking that everyone would be on board. The terrible reviews would “change his thinking” and, when writing the next script, he would be second-guessing himself as to whether or not people would like it. He came to the conclusion of “what’s the difference”, as in; some people will tear your work apart no matter what.

With Time Comes Wisdom

While the actors definitely related with each other about bad reviews; there was a definite tone that Sandler had accepted that people will always criticize your work but you can’t just work to please them- it holds an actor back.

The journey to acceptance that you can’t please everybody was not lost on the young actress, Jennifer Lawrence, however, Lawrence was quoted as somewhat exasperatedly, saying;

“…(Y)ou put your whole soul and body….(into shooting a movie)….. You love it, obviously. You wouldn’t be there if you didn’t love it. And then people just destroy it. It sucks”

Lawrence also shared that googling herself was incredibly unhealthy and “…mind fucking ”  when she realized how many people were actually looking at her and listening to her. The young star even reports only googling her name with positive words in order to avoid the negativity.

It is refreshing to hear an actor so candidly talk about her own insecurities. After all, they are people; just like us.

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