Keep Your Best Friend Safe with Pet Insurance

For most people family is the most important thing in life. For those that include furry feline friends as a part of that family, making sure they are safe and well cared for is of vital importance. Thankfully, pet insurance is becoming more and more common place and there are a large variety of options available today to suit your specific budget, while still having piece of mind that you will be able to care for your pet in an emergency without breaking the bank. You can also read more about general pet safety tips here.

What exactly is pet insurance?

Like health insurance for people, pet health insurance provides reimbursement on veterinary bills if your pet is ill or injured. It helps ensure you’ll be able to provide your pet with quality care, without fear of financial burden. Just be sure to act before it’s too late, because it takes some time for the policy to become active and it won’t cover preexisting conditions.

Why get insurance for my cat?

Even though they say that cats have nine live, even these independent and often fearless creatures can get sick or have an accident that requires veterinary care. Cats that are kept indoors aren’t immune to unexpected things.

What options are available?

Pet insurance options come in a multitude of options and price points, so you’re sure to find something to fit your unique needs. Some of the options typically available are:

  • Accident only insurance: Best option for those on a budget. Typically, won’t cover routine wellness or dental visits, but will cover accidental injuries like broken bones or if your pet accidentally swallows something they shouldn’t have.
  • Accident and illness insurance: Usually a combination of the coverage above with the addition of illness coverage including cancer, diabetes, skin, ear and urinary tract infections, arthritis, allergies, and epilepsy.
  • Routine care plans: Can vary greatly and have different coverage options at different price points, including routine care, wellness visits, vaccinations, spaying, neutering, and teeth cleaning.

Most plans allow you to visit any veterinarian and any specialty or emergency service that you choose. Pricing is typically based on your location, coverage options selected, as well as your pets age and breed. You can obtain a quote for insurance at sites like

What if I need to file a claim?

Filing a claim is typically quick and easy. Many companies offer claim services where claims are processed in less than 5 days and funds for reimbursement can even be direct deposited into your account.

If you have a pet at home, you need to be prepared. Simple things like having access to poison control information and considering pet insurance is a great way to ensure your pet will be happy and healthy for a lifetime. Pets give us so much, we certainly owe it to them to be ready when they need us.

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