Looking for Wood Burners or Gas Online? The Pros & Cons..

Is there anybody who is not drawn in by the beauty of a rip-roaring log fire? Hard to imagine! However, before the rose-coloured glasses come out there are some pros and cons to consider. Modern technology has brought forward a whole new world of wood and gas burning fires – Built to accommodate modern living being cleaner, more environmentally friendly and safer than ever before. Just take a look at the modern range of stoves for sale online today and you will be pleasantly surprised at just how great they look! To ensure you get the right one for your needs, here’s a few pros and cons to consider.

Safety First

Open fires look great, smell great and create an ambience that is as cosy and welcoming as it gets! However, modern wood burning and gas stoves are a lot safer for those with young children. The dangers attached to open fires is relatively obvious to any safety conscious adult! Modern stoves can look incredibly like the real thing – Less all the dangers. When safety is paramount, they are definitely the better choice.

Which is Easier to Manage?

Gas has its advantages over wood. Gas is instant, just flip the switch and the stove with spark into action. Wood burners need cleaning, and take time to light. On a cold winters morning when you are late for work, or trying to get kids off to school, that can be a lot of hassle that you could easily do without. Additionally, you will need somewhere to store the wood. Comparatively speaking, gas is a lot easier to manage than wood burning stoves. Even so, a lot also depends on your lifestyle. If you have the time and energy a real wood burner has the ‘one-up’ with regards to aesthetics.


Wood burners (particularly if they are not DEFRA approved) can generate a lot of soot. Regular chimney cleaning is important to avoid it becoming a fire hazard. With gas there is no smoke therefore no soot. All they need is an annual inspection to make sure they are in top working order. Compared to wood burners, gas stoves are lower maintenance.

Environmental Issues

In the UK most cities and towns are ‘smoke free zones’ and the law requires people to install DFRA approved appliances or use DEFRA approved fuels. Regardless of the law, it is better for the environment to adhere to this even if you live in the ‘middle of nowhere’. Indeed, it is the responsible thing to do. Gas is one of the cheapest forms of energy available and a lot cheaper than wood. It is also more efficient at producing heat. Being more energy-efficient makes gas the ‘greener’ choice.

There is a stunning range of modern wood burners and gas fires available. Shopping online is very easy and is a more comfortable way to browse! Consider the pros and cons of each appliance. That way you will get exactly what you need (no surprises) and probably cheaper than you would in the high street.

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