Preparing an Application for College

Gaining a college education offers opportunities for career advancement, better income, and personal growth, and the first step for future college students is preparing an application for admission. Many schools, including CSI Now, require an official application and may also request a small selection of additional materials like personal statements and recommendations.

Submitting an Official College Application

Most colleges today accept digital applications through the internet, so it’s not necessary to make copies and pay for the postage necessary to mail an application. The official application will often require basic information from the student like name, address, and demographic information, and it’s essential that the information sent to the school is without error.

The official application may represent the first contact a student may have with a prospective college, so accuracy on the application is essential for making a good impression on the school. If the official application requires any creative material, such as a personal statement, it may help the student to ask for assistance from a parent or former teacher in editing or finalizing the statement.

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Additional Application Materials

Total application materials required vary greatly depending on the type of school selected and the selectivity of the institution. For example, applying to a highly selective school may require multiple recommendations from different teachers, as well as a personal statement and a visit to the school for an in-person interview.

Many schools also have distinct application requirements for different programs, which means a student may submit an official application to the college and then submit secondary application materials to the department that houses the program the student wishes to attend.

Applying from Abroad and as a Transfer Student

Transferring to a new school may help a student complete his or her college education, and most schools offer transfer opportunities as long as a student’s previous school has gained state accreditation to provide degrees or offer classes. Likewise, international students may find it beneficial to attend a school in the United States to complete an education.

It’s important to note that international students and transfer students may need to submit additional materials or fill out a special application for admission. For example, international students who wish to attend CSI Now must submit the International Student Application for Admission, as well as other materials like an Affidavit of Support and the CSI Transfer Form.

A successful application to CSI Now begins with a complete application with all required application materials and fees. After applying, following up with the school to confirm all application materials arrived will ensure the process of gaining acceptance proceeds smoothly.

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