Renting vs Buying Commercial Property – Which is better in Birmingham?

Birmingham city has gone through a tremendous transition over recent years, attracting investors across Europe. Majority of the youth are drawn to living in the city centre as it is a shopping and business hub. Due to the diverse culture, you also enjoy a diversified nightlife. As an investor you should consider commercial property for sale in Birmingham before deciding whether to rent or buy.

Advantages of Buying Commercial Property in Birmingham

  1. Future Oriented

Older buildings are being drawn back to life and converted to upbeat residential places. There is a close-knit community growing in Birmingham, and many investors are developing commercial properties that will be up for sale. Many people find the urban centre convenient for starting up business, and there is an opportunity to purchase a commercial building and lease it out to business people. Many individuals working in the city are also settling in the core of the city, leading to high demand for affordable town apartments.

  1. High Value

There has been a shortage of larger commercial properties and the one being developed currently are sort after. Because Birmingham is an ever-growing business hub, many business people are looking for larger spaces to expand their business. Purchasing a commercial building is more beneficial compared to renting because you get to lease out a portion or the entire building and earn rental income. There are many commercial propertyfor sale in Birmingham you can purchase at affordable prices. If you decide to sell your commercial property, it’s high value will sell for a significant profit.

Disadvantages of Buying a Commercial property in Birmingham

  • Responsibilities

Many responsibilities come with owning a commercial building ranging from maintenance to collecting rental income. When you lease your space to business people, you might encounter clients who run late when it comes to paying rent.

Advantages of Renting Commercial Property in Birmingham

  • Flexibility

Renting a commercial property gives you flexibility because you are not financially tied to it. You have the option of moving into a larger space when you want to expand your business. Owning a commercial building comes with many responsibilities that you are excepted from when you rent a space for your business.

Disadvantages of Renting a Commercial Property in Birmingham

  • No control

When you rent a building, you have to operate within the confines of the conditions set by the owner of the building. You are not at liberty to make renovations without the permission of the building’s owner. Even though you are exempted from many responsibilities, expanding your business might be a challenge.


Buying a commercial property is better than renting because the city is a fast-growing business hub. Having a long-term investment plan is a future-proof plan financially. Even though there are responsibilities that come with owning a commercial building, the benefits compensate for the building maintenance. Investors across Europe are drawn to Birmingham as an investment hub.

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