The Advantages of Teak Wood Bookcase Cabinet

What is a bookcase cabinet? It is kind of home furniture which helps you to organize the books from being placed everywhere at home. If you are a bookworm or the one who works with many literature references, having this kind of cabinet is a must. Compared to the common bookshelves, this cabinet has the same function: it is to store the books. However, this cabinet has more features. It is usually equipped with doors (mostly are glazed doors) to protect the books from falling down or from the dirt and dust. A small cabinet is also attached as a part of the bookcase.

This cabinet is also available in various choices. All of them have different sizes and designs, based on how much books they hold. They are also made of various materials, such as plastics or wood. The plastic cabinet is practical, but wooden is always the best. Many furniture factories offer bookcase cabinet made of various kind of wood. But here, we will discuss the one which is made of teaks. It is because teak has many advantages if it is compared to the other woods.

The first reason why teak is a great choice is because it is a sturdy wood. Since it is one of the hardest and strongest woods, teak bookcase is surely very strong to hold all of your books collection. Speaking of durability, teak cabinet is not easily cracked or being rotten. It is resistant to fungus and termites which are the main reason for wooden furniture getting destroyed. As we know, teak contains certain oil that’s resistant to fungus and disliked by termites and the other insects. Therefore, there is no need to worry about your bookcase will get moldy and then broken. This oil also makes the furniture resistant to the moist and weather changes.

The additional quality of this bookcase cabinet is its look. With its subtlety texture and beautiful wood color, your bookcase will not only be ordinary functional furniture, but also one of your favorite wooden stuff at home. With a proper care, this book storage can last for year even decades. As the teak furniture, this cabinet does not need any special treatment. However, you can do the oiling treatment to maintain the cabinet to be always glossy like its original color. Hopefully, all that information can give you reference in choosing bookcase for your collection

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