The Basics of Getting an Expungement in Minnesota

Do you want to remove a criminal conviction from your record?  In Minnesota, there are several steps you need to take.  We have compiled a list for you below.

  • Get your complete criminal case history

You’ll need to get your entire criminal history printed out.  Although you will be seeking an expungement in the specific county in which your crime occurred you will still need to get your criminal history from everywhere in the country.  This includes both state and federal cases.  Also, keep in mind this entails cases in which you were charged without a conviction.  You can obtain your criminal history printout from the entire state of Minnesota by following the information below.

Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension 1430 Maryland Avenue East St. Paul, MN 55106 (651)793-2400. You can find more information about criminal case histories at

  • Expungement Forms

You’ll need to go to the courthouse where your case was heard and pick up the expungement forms.  If you have more than one case you’ll need a separate set of forms for each conviction.  There are three different forms:

  • Notice of Hearing
  • Order to Seal the Records
  • Affidavit of Service

  • Personal Information

Now is the time you will sit down and fill out everything.  So it’s best to gather all of your information addresses and license numbers etc. from every place you’ve lived starting with your first conviction.  It is best to use a blue or black pen and make sure you have some white-out handy.

  • Filling out the Forms

Here you need to list every name or alias you have ever gone by.  Do not leave anything out since that will disqualify you automatically, and they will check.  This includes married names, maiden names, or if you are a Sr. or Jr.

Next, you need to explain why you want the case expunged.  You should provide good reasons such as losing a job or not getting hired by an employer.  Also, some people are not able to attain professional licensing because of a criminal conviction.  You also need to explain the authority under which the expungement is being sought.  They need to know why you think expungement should be granted too.  This part of the form is extremely important to your case.  You need to make it clear to the judge how it will better serve you by being granted the expungement.  If you run out of space on the form you are allowed to use an extra piece of paper.  Just make sure it’s plain white and the same size as the official forms. 

Now you have to fill in your entire criminal history.  This means every charge and conviction from anywhere in the United States and even abroad.  Don’t leave anything out, from anywhere.  Don’t forget to include any prior pardons or expungements if you have them. 

You’ll need to mark the reason on the forms you should qualify for an expungement.  You will have a choice of four, but only mark the reason which best suits your situation.  Don’t forget that if your crime involved victims you will need to list all of their names on the form too.  In some cases, a business can be considered a victim.  For instance, if you stole from a company etc.

Getting an expungement is a big process and the above should help you get it done with little hassle.  The important thing to remember is to make sure you are prepared with everything and then some.  This will help your case and increase your chances for a successful expungement. 

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