Three Humongous Benefits of SEO Audit Services

SEO Audits are comprehensive website analysis’ used to show website and business owners how their websites are performing online. SEO audits differ slightly each time depending on the provider; however, a typical SEO audit service generally looks into the following components –

  • The quality of a websites and their competitor’s websites backlinks
  • Searching for any detrimental links coming from bad places such as spammy directories and link farms
  • Content and keyword analysis, looking into how Google interprets a website based on the content and checking whether the most relevant and beneficial keywords are being utilised efficiently
  • Testing of websites speed and the looking into ways to enhance a websites speed
  • Checking the web for any duplicate content issues, looking into whether a websites content and blog content is fresh and unique
  • Javascipt test analysis
  • Content audit analysis including delving into headers, titles, meta descriptions and many other attributes

These are so many benefits to getting a professional SEO audit completed on at least an annual basis – But here are my favourite three:

Determine current SEO strengths and weaknesses – SEO audits determine the current strengths and weaknesses of websites and their SEO, highlighting what is working, what needs changing, and areas that require additional work. SEO cannot be completed to the highest standard and the best plans cannot be made unless company owners understand exact6ly how they are performing online.

Compare the SEO efforts of you and your competitors – SEO audits not only check how you SEO is going, but also your competitors, highlighting areas where they are excelling and where you need to catch up. If you want to be better than your competitors it is important for you to keep a close eye on the work they are doing, this might also allow you to see things that you should avoid doing in your industry.

Fine-tune your SEO strategy – An SEO audit will allow you to come up with the greatest SEO strategy for 2019, tailored to your business. From the first two steps you will be able to complete a list of work that needs doing and be able to prioritise and outsource workloads accordingly.

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