Top 4 Color Trends for 2018

Watching color trends and designs are always a remarkable way of discovering fascinating wallpaper Chicago designs and unique inspiration for your home. Trendsetters, paint companies, and designers usually determine the color mood of the coming year. For example, the dark colors that have been witnessed in 2017 were more romantic and less formal compared to the other years.

Although the colors that work well in your business or home may not be the same as the color of the year, you can always use the color as the starting point to finding the suitable match for you. Below are the top color trends for this year.

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The Glidden-Byzantine Blue

The Byzantine blue is a soothing blue paint that suits every room in your home. The Byzantine blue complemented with black and white offers a perfect contemporary style that you can only imagine of. This blue paint usually has a violet undertone which provides a unique glow perfect for a dining room. This can also be a beautiful color for both exterior and interior painting. Think about black shutters with a white trim complimented with the stunning Byzantine blue as a perfect match which creates a unique curb appeal in your home.

Sherwin-Williams Poised Taupe

The Sherwin-Williams Poised taupe is the perfect replacement for the gray paint. Sherwin goes with a unique hue that mixes everything up whose product is a unique blend of multiple paints that can create gorgeous wallpaper Chicago designs for your home. The Poised Taupe portrays the cool gray color as neutral; and also brings in the much-desired warmth of a brown hue which takes the paint to a new level. Your home is neither cool nor warm, and neither is it brown or gray.

Valspar Crushed Oregano

The crushed Oregano is a warm green paint complemented with lots of yellow undertones. This makes it fantastic pick for kitchens in your home. You can also add it in any room that you wish to add some light and energy. You can also keep it simple with other undertones such as white, gold and brown. To tone down your crushed Oregano, you can always add a pink or soft turquoise undertone. If you find the green color to be too intense for your room, you can always use the Crushed Oregano as an accent instead.

The Olympic Cloudberry

The soft violet cloudberry hue is meant to create a unique space for solace that is unique and amazing. The cloudberry is gaining popularity due to the increased desire to find unique space in the home for refreshing and meditating. The cloudberry paint offers an ample retreat from the pressures of the daily life.

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