Top 5 New Jersey Restaurants

Most everyone goes to New York when up north, but don’t let that make you think that New Jersey doesn’t have its own charm. In fact, it’s home to some amazing restaurants and if you’re a foodie, then you’ll definitely want to take a look at this list. If you’re traveling this way in an RV rental anyway, why not take some time to fill up on the good stuff?

Even if you aren’t a foodie, you can be sure that these unique restaurants will be sure to have something you’ll love on the menu. They didn’t get their reputation for not being the best and you’ll be sure to see why everyone raves about them after they experience them. So, save your appetite and make some room for the food from these top five New Jersey restaurants:



This is the kind of place where even just thinking about the food there makes you hungry. It’s a one-of-a-kind restaurant with a common theme: Italian food. In a world where Italian cuisine reigns supreme, you have to do something special to stand out and Fascino definitely stands out. From the octopus to the pasta, everything you taste in Fascino is mouth-watering. The dining room also lends itself to a relaxing experience. It’s perfect for a date night or simply because you want some good Italian dishes.


New American cuisine; have you had it? If you have no idea what those kinds of dishes may taste and look like, a visit to Nicholas will explain it to you. As a trendy spot for locals and visitors alike, the food is so amazing, you won’t think twice about visiting the same place more than once. Just be aware that if you like your dishes large, the gourmet style preparation may leave you with room for more. Yet one would say that the flavors are most definitely worth it.


Turn up the heat and try some Latin cuisine while in New Jersey. Cucharamama is as fun to visit as it sounds. A place where you can visit for a romantic evening or to celebrate with friends, Cucharama will win over your taste buds with dishes like tamal with duck and fried platano. If you want to try South American cuisine while in the area, this is the place to go. Some of the dishes on the menu may be new to you. In fact, most of them probably will be if you’re not used to south American food. But, you can be sure that the experience will be worth it.

4.Jockey Hollow Bar & Kitchen

If location was everything, this place would already be a winner yet they also wow visitors with cuisine like no other. The 1917 mansion is home to this spectacular restaurant in New Jersey and it makes for a perfect setting to wow a sweetheart or impress your friends. With an eclectic combination of American and Italian cuisine, every single dish on their menu will have you wanting more—because it’s just that good. To be honest, if you want an extremely unique experience while in town, skip everything else and go to Jockey Hollow Bar & Kitchen. There’s nothing quite like it in the city.

5.BJ’s Restaurant and Brewhouse

If you are in the mood for some good ol´ pizza and beer, you won’t be disappointed by the BJ’s Restaurant and Brewhouse meals. Everyone knows that it’s where you go when you want some really good deep-dish pizza (with a Cali twist) when in New Jersey. Whether you’re hoping to feed the masses or just really want some good pizza, this is the place to go when traveling in an RV rental.

The restaurant also boasts of anything from spinach stuffed mushrooms to bison burgers, so if you’re not in the mood for pizza, you can always try something else. Trust us, it will be equally delectable.

If you’re not hungry yet, wait a while and then reserve a spot at one of the above-mentioned places. The food at these restaurants will not disappoint. From the ambience to the grub, each restaurant on our list deserves its name in lights. You can go ahead and try them if you have the time and if not, simply pick the one that serves the cuisine that you most like. Whether it’s pizza or Peruvian cuisine, it’s going to be good.

As you travel around the country in an RV rental, it’s a good idea to keep your tummy satisfied, so you’ll have the energy to adventure the right way. Plus, getting to know the best food in the places you visit is just a fun way to get to know destinations. The above restaurants are just a few of the really good must-visit places in New Jersey. Happy eating!

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