Top Ten Reasons You Need A Murphy Bed

Chances are, we’ve all seen an old fashioned Murphy Bed. You know, the one that comes roaring out of a closet, smashing everything and anything in its way. Even though William Lawrence Murphy (the bed’s namesake and inventor) created a multifunctional piece of furniture way ahead of his time, the Murphy Bed continues to be a staple in modern society. With so many easy to use features, models, and functions, Murphy Beds are one of the most popular pieces of furniture for all generations, especially retirees and the older population. If you’ve been considering a Murphy Bed or Wall Bed for your home, but are still on the fence, here are ten of the most popular reasons that Murphy Beds will be the perfect addition to you your home.

  1. Simple And Easy To Use – Many Murphy Beds these days come with an easy to use fold down/up mechanism that takes little to no effort from the user of the wall bed. Better yet, power Murphy Beds are a great option for any home or apartment, as many of these wall beds don’t need to be bolted down to the floor or wall.  With just a push of a button these inventive beds can be put up during the day, and brought out during the night. A great option for people with limited mobility and/or arthritis.
  2. They Create A Multifunctional Space – Who said a living room was no place for a bed? While you may not want your bed out in the open when guests are over, if you own a Murphy bed, you don’t have to worry about this. Being able to put the bed away while entertaining friends or family was basically the entire reason William Murphy created the Murphy Bed! Plus, he was able to get to know his soon to be wife because of his invention! You can also create a multifunctional room in the craft room, home office, or virtually any room in your home with a Murphy Bed. Many wall bed companies these days make wall beds that are built-in to your home office creating more space during the day while you work or craft and a comfortable bed at night.
  3. Beautiful Piece Of Furniture – Murphy Beds of ye’ olden days, were a piece of furniture that you wanted out of sight and out of mind. Now, quality wall beds are created with impeccable craftsmanship and beautiful hardwood, making these beds not only attractive, but more often than not, a good looking Murphy Bed becomes the focal point and conversation piece of any home. Many wall beds are created to artfully display family photos and other smaller collections. Once you own a Murphy Bed, you’ll want to show it off to everyone.
  4. Great Option For Small Homes – If you find yourself living in a smaller home, town house, or apartment, it can sometimes be difficult to know how to best utilize the space without compromising design or style. That’s where the Murphy Bed comes in. Whether you are looking for a wall bed to save some space, for storage, or both, wall beds are a great option, especially, if you have recently downsized or are looking to make your small home more functional.
  5. Customizable – Do you prefer an oak finish or a cherry finish to your furniture? Bunk wall beds or bookcase wall beds with built in lights? Whatever your style and needs, Murphy Beds are one of the most truly customizable pieces of furniture on the market today. There is no need to be overwhelmed by all of the options out there though, a quality wall bed manufacturer will help guide you to the right Murphy Bed that’s right for you and your lifestyle. Do you like all the bells and whistles or more of a classic, simple style? These options along with many others, all the way down to the type of mattress you want for your wall bed, are available for you.
  6. Extra Storage – As we age, it seems we accumulate more and more stuff over the years. Even if you adhere to a “minimalist” lifestyle, there are just some things that you can’t let go of. Murphy Beds are a great way to store this stuff, that otherwise would just be unsightly clutter in your home. Murphy Beds can be customized to one or two side panels (like a bookcase) where you can store your things that you just can’t part with. Another way to create more storage is having a home office wall bed built for you. This can include many additional cabinets that won’t leave the room feeling pressed for space.
  7. Accommodate Guests – Do you have family that likes to stay with you over the holidays? Grandkids that want to come over for the weekend? Or do you throw fun get togethers for your friends now and then? If you need more space in your home for guests to sleep over, then the Murphy Bed is the perfect option. Murphy Beds are how you create more room for your guests without having to buy a bigger house or making anyone sleep on the floor! Bunk wall beds are great idea for any home for kids and “big kids” alike. Many bunk wall beds are easy to use and can accommodate adults as well as children.
  8. Comfort – Nobody wants to sleep on the fold out couch, floor, or air mattress unless they absolutely have to. With a wall bed you don’t need to compromise you or your guests comfort to save space. Wall bed manufacturers will usually provide a quality mattress with their wall beds. No one wants to lose sleep over their Murphy Bed!
  9. Long Lasting – When investing in a quality Murphy Bed, you may need to spend a little extra dough than you would for a regular bed. It’s worth it though. Murphy Beds of high caliber can last entire lifetimes and even be passed down from one generation to the next. A Murphy Bed that has been created by quality craftsman and beautiful hardwood can be become a true heirloom piece for any home.
  10. Trendy, Yet Classic – Since the birth of the Murphy Bed back in 1900 (over a hundred years ago) the Murphy Bed has made a comeback. While the quality of the design has grown, the idea behind the bed has stayed the same. Saving space with a multifunctional piece of furniture is something that will never go out of style. With their simple and easy to use design versatile, customizable features the Murphy Bed is the best option for any home, no matter the size.

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