Visit the most popular floating market of the world

Thailand is the country that has some very good tourist destinations but there are some places that as a tourist you cannot ignore. There are some awesome beaches where there are lots of fun activities waiting for you. In addition to that there are marvelous ancient structures, sacred temples, and some great natural sightings. If you have some Thai friends, you can also ask him for making you experience the hidden life of Thailand, it is enjoyable but risky too. You can find some very expensive stuff in pennies there.

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But if you want to remain on the safer side and want to experience something really good then you must go for spending some time for experiencing the floating markets in Thailand. They really look awesome and give you some awesome background for selfies and other images also. The most popular floating market’s brief details are mentioned below where you can pay visit to have fun or buying something really cool to take as a souvenir with you.

Damnoen Saduak floating market

This market is not very far from the capital of the country and there is always transportation available for going there. It is not a new one, it is there since a very long time. Anyway, on the way you will be getting breaks so that you can relax for some moments. For your knowledge this place is always crowded with tourists, so you must prefer leaving for it early morning if you really want to have the view of the pace. If you also prefer shopping then evening is the best time, there are many local recipes sold by the locals. These boat shops also sell native fruits. There are many hand craftedr items and jewelry available for you to buy. Many tourists also enjoy bargaining there, it is common in Thailand.

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