Wonderful Tips That Will Make Your Motorcycle Tour Across Australia Extremely Fun

Australia is a huge country and to explore such a country all on your own, there is no handiervehicle than a motorcycle. It’s an open vehicle, lets you enjoy cool breeze, needs a small space to park and is extremely sturdy to stand long-term rides.

However, like using any other vehicle, riding a motorbike needs some care, etiquette, safety precautions and diligence to follow. Here’s some useful information that will help you making your biking venture successful and fun.


Following are the things you should essentially carry before embarking upon your long journey.


  • Motorcycle licence
  • Cash and credit cards
  • Travel books

In addition to these, it’s also recommended to buy personal health and travel insurance and carry those papers with you.

Also, you will have to remember that there is a strict ban on asbestos in Australia. It’s lifesaving to get Dazmac Logistics to clean asbestos in cars and motorcycles, so that you can avoid heavy penalties.


The less your luggage, the better you can handle your motorcycle. While motorcycles usually include panniers, you may want to carry a rucksack (frameless) and also maybe a large duffel style zip up bag to carry your luggage. Be sure these are waterproof.

Some things you should essentially carry are:

  • Water
  • Extra petrol
  • Tent
  • Sleeping bag
  • Warm clothes
  • Torch or flashlight

What Should You Wear?

Besides your regular clothes, you should wear:

  • Approved motorcycle helmet
  • Armoured jacket
  • Leather trousers
  • Warm innerwear
  • Biking gloves
  • Proper bike boots

Riding Tips


During some stages of your ride, you may probably hold the throttle in one place for a long time. It hurts after a couple of hours and so, you should stop and stretch at regular intervals.

Some creative devices have been discovered to serve as a cruise control for motorcycles, using different objects like radiator hoses over the throttle grip and bar end.

It’s clearly very dangerous if the throttle sticks open. Hence be careful – it’s certainly not recommended!

It’s also advisable to develop a regular routine of muscle contractions and stretches, especially if you are trying to travel for a long distance every day.


Fortunately, most surfaced roads of Australia are in the best shape and you can reach most tourist sites without having to leave them.

However, if you are more interested to take the less ridden paths, you will have to ride roads without the ‘black top’ and their condition may vary considerably. It’s better to ask locals or the police.

Many such roads will need a dual purpose or an ‘adventure’ type enduro style bike. Here you may consider importing motorcycle from USA to Australia with Dazmac Logistics.


Barring a few parts of the Northern Territory which have no speed limits, there are strict limitations on speed. There are mobile cameras installed in several cities and if you are only 2-3kph, you will incur a fine. Hence be careful.

Crossing Water

It may be dangerous to cross waters, so, don’t rush in. Take care of walking your route first, unless the presence of crocodiles is suspected. Watch for large holes and boulders. It’s often best to take off your luggage from the bike and first carry it across.

Then push the motorcycle through if it’s safe, instead of riding it and taking a risk of falling off and water entering in the engine.

Oil, Petrol and Water

Make sure you drink 10 litres of water every day and carry water accordingly as you will need more for cooking and hygiene purposes. Don’t plan to ask other travellers for petrol, oil and water; they will need these for themselves.

You should carry enough of these three essential things.

If you take due care and carry important things using the above tips, your motorcycle tour across Australia will be extremely fun!

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