Wrongful Death Lawyers in Georgia – Nelson & Smith Attorneys

The only thing certain in life is death, and it can come knocking on someone’s door without any warning. Deaths caused by accidents often cannot be avoided, and one can’t do much for being in the wrong place at a wrong time, and not everyone is fortunate enough to survive an accident. However, in an event where the cause of the accident causing the death of your loved in is someone else’s negligent, criminal intent or fault of another person, Nelson & Smith Attorneys strongly advice families and estate of the deceased to file for a wrongful death lawsuit.

No amountof money can compensate for the loss of a loved one, but Nelson & Smith Attorney wrongful death attorneys can help provide the family with a sense of justice and closure. The financial compensation can help the family with the loss of income and benefits the deceased person would have earned over their lifetime, cover funeral expenses and other medical expenses that might be required to incur to overcome the trauma of the loss of a loved one.

Nelson & Smith Attorney suggests that lawsuits for wrongful death should be filed at the earliest, though they understand the families might need some time to grieve the loss of their loved one. People can seek a free of charge no-obligation council for their case anytime within two years of death (though this statute of limitations does not apply in cases of death caused by criminal intent), an early filing of wrongful death lawsuit can assure faster delivery of justice and ensure maximum possible fair compensation.

A wrongful death caused due to but not limited to driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, or in a state of distraction, malfunction of heavy-duty equipment during operations, death caused due to accident rooted from improper maintenance, abuse and neglect by staff and team at nursing homes leading to death, unnecessary use of lethal force by police and other law enforcement agenciescausing injuries leading to death etc. Nelson & Smith Attorney represents spouse, children, parents, or an estate representative of the deceased person in making a robust wrongful death or an estate claim in accordance with law.

Nelson & Smith Attorney believes it is vital for families and dependants of the deceasedto involve wrongful death lawyers in cases where there is involvement of insurance companies such as cases of wrongful deathinvolving of a motor vehicle accident, construction site accident, workplace or occupational risk related accidents etc. And Nelson & Smith Attorney assures families and dependents of the deceased awarding of better claims and damages from insurance companies thorough investigation to evaluate the liability in wrongful death.

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